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The Maillis Group, founded in Greece in 1968, has evolved from a privately-owned steel strapping producer into a multinational industrial corporation through its corporate strategies of superior value, vertically-integrated production, organic growth and acquisitive expansion.
Thanks to its commercial organization and a strong collaboration with distributors all over the world (200 in North America, 800 in Europe and 200 in the rest of the Worls), the Maillis Group (18% in the U.S.A., 75% in Europe, 7% in the rest of the world) keeps a global vision with a local focus on the business.

M. J. Maillis is established as producer of steel strapping

The first two subsidiaries are established in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Bucharest, Romania, to develop a distribution network for company products in the Balkans. The Company also became a producer via M. J. Maillis Romania.

The first subsidiary company in Greece was established in March under the name Straptech S.A.

Turnover grew from a few hundred thousand to 40 million by the end of the year.
A subsidiary company in Warsaw, Poland, was established.

Strategic expansion through series of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in the following countries: Czech Republic, Spain (Incoplastic S.A., Rocalu S.A.), Albania, England, France, United States, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands and Serbia.

Considerable investment efforts to modernize operations across Europe.
Acquisition of Castlegate and Payne Strapping Systems Division of the Bunzl. Plc. company in England, renamed to Payne Strapping Systems Ltd., then merged by acquisition with Elsten Ltd. company.
In France M.J. Maillis France S.A.S. acquires the companies Codami SARL and Cerbere Agrafvit S.A., together with the Division Sovarec of Cerbere S.A.
OMS Maillis America Inc. is established through the joint venture of Michael J. Maillis S.A. and OMS S.p.A. in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.
M. J. Maillis takes over Siat S.p.A. and its subsidiaries (Ar.te Srl, Gramegna S.p.A., Ipde CO, Combi Packing, Siat USA) and acquired Columbia in Italy at 60%.

M. J. Maillis takes over Cyklop (new commpany name: Contipak), in May M. J. Maillis aquires the german company Sander GmbH.
Acquisition of the majority interest in the finnish company OY Astrap AB, together with its swedish subsidiary Astrap AB. In the Czech Republic M. J. Maillis acquires DF Partner SRO, in Italy the majority interest in Sicme SRL. Acquisition of the company Marflex Sp. Z.o.o. in Poland.
Astrap AB, the swedish subsidiary of Michael J. Maillis S.A. acquires Nydens Forpackings AB in December.

New shares issued through subsidiary M. J. Maillis Romania S.A.
Annexation of MEGA S.r.l. to the M.J. Maillis Group by the subsidiary Siat S.p.A.. MEGA is a producer of high-technology automated packaging machines for specialized uses.
Annexation of TAM S.r.l. to the M. J. Maillis Group by the subsidiary Siat S.p.A.
Acquisition of Samuel Packaging Systems Ltd. (UK) by the subsidiary Helero BV
Acquisition of United Packaging PLC by the subsidiary Helero BV

The group reached the 300 million mark in turnover and brought staff numbers up from 164 to 1.976 people

Purchase of building facilities in South Carolina, growth and penetration in North American market

Joint venture in India

Turnover hit historical record of 370 million+

Restore profitability and debt reduction through an operational restructuring and a rationalization in production

Improved financial performances 284 million turnover

New ownership of the group by H.I.G. private equity

Relocation of the headquarters to Luxembourg
Big investments in stretch film production and innovation: from R&D to application testing

Focus on four centers of competences (USA, Italy, Poland and Greece) and load stability


- Michael J. Maillis S.A. Packing Systems - Annual Report 2001

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