Counter knife, Pos. 1008

Generica Ref.No. 8010040
Item No.: 031804
Manufacturer-No.: 8010040
GTIN / Warehouse Barcode: 4251081814925

Counter Knife
Item No.: 026788
Manufacturer-No.: 128025-208
on request
Part of device:
VS-31 Strapping Head
Item No.: 026244
Manufacturer-No.: VS 31
on request
Sealing assy. 19mm
Item No.: 027012
Manufacturer-No.: 128025-510-19
on request
Sealing group 25 mm
Item No.: 027013
Manufacturer-No.: 128025-510-25
on request
Sealing group 32 mm
Item No.: 027014
Manufacturer-No.: 128025-510-32
on request
Sealing unit SSH32
Item No.: 031794
Manufacturer-No.: 8010000-32
on request
Sealing unit SSH25
Item No.: 031795
Manufacturer-No.: 8010000C
on request
Sealing unit SSH19
Item No.: 031796
Manufacturer-No.: 8010000D
on request
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Counter knife, Pos. 1008
Manufacturer-No.: 8010040
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